Innovation and creativity in developing the global shrimp aquaculture industry. 

Consulting Services

1983 - 1985 The shrimp farm period  - story link.

Farm protocols and technology with/without nurseries for vannamei shrimp
Farm trials of seed from first commercial shrimp hatchery in the world
Wild larvae, density, feed and soil trials
Steering of industry towards sustainability

1985 - 1991 The shrimp hatchery period

Shifting seed from wild to domesticated
Shrimp hatchery and nauplii stations
Working with US breeding program.
Supplier of original SPF strain from AI

1991 - 1996 The shrimp processing period

On US Amex stock market as first pure aquaculture play
Applied and tested NASA HACCP concept to seafood with USFDA
Processing and packing protocols and applied technology
Industry shift to cheaper, closer to source, upstream value addition. Offshoring. 
Rolled out to export industry in liaison with Ecuador CNA pre US 1997 law.

1996 - 2004 The vertical integrated African shrimp period
interspersed with hitech German super-intensive shrimp RAS in Japan and China

Plantation style west and east coast Africa. Vertically integrated.
Super intensive RAS for SPF vannamei shrimp in Japan

2005 - 2018 The other side of the fence period.
Imports, distribution, value addition, retail and foodservice. End consumers.

Importation, trade, secondary processing, retail shrimp supply UK and EU supermarkets
Commercial consultant global shrimp industry. Production supply & market demand trends. 
Mentoring/facilitating shrimp supply chain traceability, sustainability and processing protocols
Support UK/EU management in shrimp knowledge, networks and database 
Shrimp supply to US foodservice concepts in Middle East region. Branding
Seafood, aquaculture and shrimp category strategy & global direction 

2019 - 2020 Consulting/writing shrimp novel/R & D Steamans v.4 pipeline v.5 and v.6