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Innovation and creativity in raising the global shrimp aquaculture industry. Since 1983
Compressing  4,000  years of farming technology into 40 years.

Currently applying shrimp industry 4.0 to post shrimp harvest and downstream supply chain.
Compress the next 40 years into 4 years with iRaishrimp S.L. pipeline of innovative and aspirational initiatives

- Ethical shrimp chill shock pond side harvest technology - at the source. Foundational supply chain step.
- Robotic shrimp deheading, deveining & peeling - proof of concept achieved. Startup funding arranged.
- Shrimp head and shell processor. On the spot. Mix with pre-mix. Soft extruded fresh pet food or home plant fertilizer.
- Branding shrimp technologies. Inserts or labeling. Traceability upstream - transparency downstream.
Steamans - front-of-house steaming kit. CoolVapTap. Pipeline includes addition of nutraceuticals & flavors into shrimp post harvest - raw, pre-cook.
ShrimpTailbar - shrimp foodservice brand offering using Steamans kit
NUOCALog - mockup to show how human automation interface can support standards and customer ethical requirements on transparency in food supply chain - shrimp processing good example.
Prawnmasters Blog - prawnographic news media - food  & Agritech trend monitoring
Past innovations in shrimp farming | shrimp hatcheries | shrimp processing | shrimp markets

Background picture - Steamans VapTap v.3 2019@patrick wood