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Shrimp hatchery innovations & pioneering   

Three commercial shrimp hatcheries designed, built & managed. Two co-owned.

1985-7 Ecuador - Larval rearing and hatchery facility.
The new source of wild PLs were from gravid vannamei spawning just hundreds of metres offshore. Sub stations for hatching nauplii sprung up everywhere along the coast of Ecuador - supplying nauplli for larval facilities. This seed had great performance in grow-out farms and was a kickstart that directly helped get year round production and doubled the size of the industry from 1985 to 1987. 
Batch culture using spawns from gravid wild caught female vannamei
First global trials of Mars micro-encapsulated shrimp feeds - to become Frippak brand. Now Inve.
Development of shrimp stress tests, on farm trials.
Co-founder Hatchery Row Biologists Club, Ecuador.   

1988 - 1991 Mexico
First Shrimp hatchery in Mexico. With maturation facility.
Supplier to US Shrimp Consortium (Arizona) of PL's from artificially inseminated females
These PL's passed first through proprietary fitness system with special diet and culture conditions.
From Arizona PL's declared virus free. US borders closed. All vannamei stocks in US destroyed. Gel diffusion tested (kill them to see if they will die) and surviving shrimp sent to Oceanic Institute in Hawaii. One female (Griselda) became foundation of SPF Kona vannamei strain that led to rise of global vannamei shrimp farming especially in SE Asia and Indian sub-continent where vannamei is exotic. 

2001 - 2004 Mozambique, Africa 
Pioneering shrimp hatchery in Northern Mozambique as part of vertically integrated shrimp project. Monodon.

Background Picture - vannamei eggs and nauplii Mexico 1988┬ępatrick wood