HACCP program

HACCP system has 7 principles.

HACCP plans can have 12 tasks and incorporate the 7 HACCP system principles.

A HACCP program cover ten major areas:

1. Product specifications  - blueprint for operations and Quality Assurance to use for that particular product
2. Product Safety Analysis - highlights hazards that may exist in the production of the food product
3. Purchasing Requirements - buying only specified and from approved suppliers. 
4. Good Manufacturing Practices - mandatory. SOP's developed from HACCP system.
5. Physical systems Hazard Control - plant schematics. CCP's in system
6. Recall system - traceability program
7. Contract Manufacturing - under same conditions, rules and criteria as own company plants
8. Facility Auditing - periodic
9. Customer Complaints - early warning sytem of problems with procedures for appropriate timely action.
10. Incident reporting - all incidents or deviations from the norm should be reported immediately to appropriately designated people in the company. This is your NUOCALog  

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