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How NUOCALog works - software & hardware

NUOCALog comes as an Android/iPhone App. NOUCALog stations can be placed in line on factory floor. 

How NUOCALog works - activating station unit

Opening the door of the NUOCALog station (in a NEMA IP66 housing) activates the internally held smartphone size communication device with the NUOCALog Station input app. Frontcam ID is taken and the person reporting starts a video Notice of Unusual Occurance. 

How NUOCALog works - moving around floor.

One time gloves and instruction available at NUOCALog Station. Unit can be removed from charging cradle for rear/front view camera. Toggle for photo or video recording. Audio mandatory whilst active. If need be person can walk to point of incidence being reported. Once finished unit is returned to cradle in station.

How NUOCALog works - data storage and notifications

Data uploaded automatically real-time. Kept on NUOCALog registered cloud storage - conditions apply. Blockchain enabled. A NUOCALog upload activates and immediate push notification to designated account responsible. Normally the legal representative. Confirmation report viewing is automatic.

How NUOCALog works - follow up

NUOCALog it and perform a corrective action and, if possible, a preventative action. Monitor and follow up.

You decide. Variable levels of access and actions.
Employees. Stakeholders. Auditors. Customers.
Authorities. Public - end consumers.

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