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As a business owner here is what NUOCALog can do for you

Forget the 7 HACCP principals and 12 point HACCP plan - leave that to your technical direction or HACCP consultant to develop the plan and implement your HACCP system. As the owner of the business you need really only to understand the HACCP program. 

NUCOALog is the point 10 on your HACCP program - bought into the modern world.

Quality assurance within a HACCP program - incident reporting. In reality, and in many instances, production is the accelerator and quality control are the brakes - both are under technical direction where the tendancy is to have a foot firmly on the production accelerator. This leaves quality control vulnerable to being overridden - which then leads to food safety risk.

Corporate governance. Personnel should have an open dotted line communication chain possibility to the designated legally responsible people within the Company, aside from technical direction, so that incidents and deviations from the norm can be reported appropriately and acted on in a timely fashion. NOUCALog gives you, as owner or legally responsible, that possibility.