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Freshly & heathily steamed on-the-spot ~ no fried food here.

All natural pigmentation and colour ~ minimal handling, washing & processing. 

Natural clean deck superior taste, texture and bite.

Heads on locked in protection from e-numbers in tail

Native Natural Origin


Only from where species is found endemically.

White Pacific shrimp from South America.

Clean deck product

No added e-numbers

Shrimp heads contain sulfite.

Peeled product clean deck.

Food Safety

Using a Steamans v.4

Steaming on the spot.

Effectively sterilizes from any handling.

Highest food safety.

Peeling tech

Hand peeled

That you can pull out vein with head is an indicator of freshness and quality of product.

Traceable Tags


Shrimptail bar hand peels its own shrimp from select sources only.

Zero water

Supporting precious freshwater resources.

Zero glaze water in transport.

Zero added water in product.