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Innovation and creativity in raising the global shrimp aquaculture industry.
Since 1983

Hatcheries - broodstock/maturation/PL's
Grow-out - plantation farms, semi intensive, large scale outdoor. RAS indoor, intensive  
Primary processing facilities - value addition. Aquaculture certifications. Food safety - quality assurance
Export/import. Secondary processing support. Supply Chains. Sales & marketing. Retail/foodservice
B2B industry consulting. Hands-on experience, owned operations. Vertical & horizontal. Africa experienced
Strategy and technology trends. Agritech. Consultancy.

Deep Blue Prawnographic Fund's Shrimp Lab project portfolio :

Steamans - Spanish patented front-of-house steaming kit 
ShrimpTailbar - shrimp foodservice brand offering
NUOCALog - supporting food safety at HR levels
Prawnmasters Blog - prawnographic news media 

Pipeline :
African Shrimp Aquaculture initiative - a different approach
Robotic shrimp deheading & peeling - proof of concept achieved. Tactile mapping stage.
Intensive RAS close-to-market circular economy based.